iPhone snaps lately

Ditch the Fest: an alternative two weekend festival to Austin City Limits thrown by a collective in Austin called Raw Paw.

A few of my friends are apart of this collective. They promote creatives, writers, artists, and musicians. This particular production was fantastic. I had a great experience meeting new people and rekindling the love I have for my old friends.  I was exposed to some new and impressively talented bands, and also saw some musicians I’ve known but never seen.

Raw Paw is really doing some great things. If you’re in the Austin area, attend their events.

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I have a reason to screen print again. Like a solid resolution for a series.
I thought I was done with printmaking.
Bleh. Old habits die hard.

Kameron Richie, Double Standards

Vivitar v3800N, Kodak 400 Professional B&W

Kameron Richie, Barton Springs with Amy Searle and Ariana Florence

Vivitar v3800N, Kodak 400 Professional B&W

I live out the rest of my life posing as a hipster Mormon boy riding a black fixed gear bike around large cities, door-to-door in neighborhoods attempting to convince people to purchase The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide:Five Novels and One Story from me, that looks quite like a Bible.

I like using studio practices that are irrelevant and making them relevant.


  • I’m collaborating with a designer/friend Alison Whitworth for the release of the Field Sculpture book. Expect that to drop sometime in November.
  • I was recently given a Vivitar v3800N, and ordered a Minolta Hi-Matic G2
  • Hopefully will soon be collaborating with Raw Paw, an Austin based collective, with a response video to the happenings in Ferguson
  • I work at a taco restaurant and it’s great
  • Like really great
  • I’m most likely going to Denver and South Carolina this fall.
  • Trying to convince my buddy Enoch Rios to collab with me at Co-Lab.
  • Life is good.