I debut a performance piece for an art show. The left room contains a man dressed as Siddiq Abubakar III, and the right room a man dressed as Barack Obama. The two men stride around the outskirts of the room, and sit back at their throne/oval office desk once per half hour for the duration of the opening.

During the sitting time they say nothing, but exude a leader-like posture, erect and proud. Over the half hour they grow sad, tired, weary, slouched.

An alarm sounds for the royal processions to start.

During the performance some people, join the methodical pace around the room with the men in both rooms.

The performance resumes every following Tuesday morning at 10 am; it becomes an ongoing practice.

I return to my empty studio, pace the edges of the room and sit down on the bare floor.

I’m posting my last roll of Vevlia 100.
This is the last of a secondary stage for field sculpture.
Thank you for listening.